Visual essay on Xenofeminism Video (7.35) This Visual essay researches the function of "female" robots and their role in the development of new information/identification systems in the intersection of leftist-accelerationist thought. FORTUNEWOOD Audio Visual Installation The installation invites a person to scan their fingerprint, which offers them a short personal mentoring advice presented by a famous movie star. GIVE IT TO ME STRAIGHT OPRAH! Motivational Video (1:18) a video collage which applies new contexts to existing online footage taken from fashion commercials and an interview with Oprah Winfrey about self-belief. ESSAY: Who to follow? In these times, often referred to as “post-truth”, it is hard to judge what the truth exactly is, since the “alternative facts” are also on the menu. One could say that manipulation is an acceptable aspect of all human communication, but could one also use these skills in a good way?




Nothing has to be Official Documentary (28.00) In this documentary Oldenburg portrays a Dutch rebel who declared himself a sovereign citizen living within a like-minded community. Oldenburg follows the consequences of his self-declared freedom. JUST JAKE Short narrative film (5.43) In Just Jake (2017) the viewer is introduced to Jean and Jake, Jean has found her calling as a popular lifestyle guru who inspires her followers on a daily basis. Jake often feels unappreciated. One day an email from FORTUNEWOOD arrives in Jake’s inbox. ESSAY: Sculpting a persona ‘A story is real-life with the boring parts left out.’. The skilful storyteller must always consider what information is most relevant and how one can present this in a seductive way to keep the attention of the audience. ESSAY: I'm online therefore I am Personal recognition and appreciation are basic needs of every individual. In this social media era, we often give each other some recognition by “liking” pictures and messages online. However, does everything change when sharing one’s thoughts and lifestyle becomes a job?